Game Evaluation

Game Evaluation

Save $50 by getting 2 game evaluations

Save $50 by getting 2 game evaluations

I will attend your player's game, watch them play, and write up a game analysis report to help them with their development.


Everything you're about to get

Get everything included below at one low price. 1 game for $150 or 2 games for $250 (Recommended to see player progression)

Included in Game Report:

Technical skills

Tactical understanding

Decision making



Areas of Strength

Areas for Improvement

Included in Game evaluation

Detailed report of performance

30 min Zoom Call with player

Detailed Breakdown of game

Detailed Q&A

Saved Zoom call for player/parents to review

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. Pick your plan below! Packages are limited to 5 players per month.



One time payment

One Game Report

One 30 min zoom call with player

Call saved for player to review

Courses in video format

Audio format for courses

Online events with experts



One time payment(save $50)

Two Game Reports

Two 30 min zoom calls with player

Call saved for player to review

Able to see player's progression

Free self game analysis tracker


What if my child is injured?

You must let Coach Taylor know right away so he does not go there and your child isn't able to participate.

What game are you coming to? Can we schedule the game?

Coach Taylor does not tell you which game he will be coming to because he does not want any extra pressure on your child. He will text you at half time to let you know he is there. He will be sitting by himself incognito.

What if my child happens not to play that much in the game you come to?

Coach Taylor will still be evaluating when they are in the game and on the bench in terms of their attitude, body language and being a good teammate. Coach Taylor will not be returning to watch another game or refunding money for lack of playing time.

What if we are going to be out of town and not able to make it to a certain game?

You must let Coach Taylor know of any games in advance that you're not going to be attending. At least 48 hours notice!

What if I forgot to tell you ahead of time that my child was injured, we couldn't make the game or reschedule?

If Coach Taylor attends a game & you did not let him know within 48 hours advanced notice that you weren't able to play, make it to the game or a schedule change then the charge will stand and their will be no make up game or refund. It is extremely important to communicate with Coach Taylor right away so this does not happen. His time is very limited and valuable.

When will you do the zoom call with my child?

Coach Taylor will work out an exact day & time with you that works for everyone. The Zoom call must be done within 7 days of the game.

What if my child can't make/misses the zoom call?

You must let Coach Taylor know 48 hours before the scheduled call that your child will not be able to attend the call.

Within what time frame will you be coming to a game?

Within 30 days from registering.

Can we request you to come to a certain game?

If it works with Coach Taylor's schedule he can do that. However he will advise you not to tell your child that he is coming. We do not want to add any extra pressure to your child as it will hinder the evaluation.

What do you talk about on your zoom calls?

Coach Taylor will breakdown your child's game performance, ask them questions and he will answer any questions they may have.

How far will you travel?

The location of your child's game must be within a 20-30 min drive from where Coach Taylor lives in Missouri City. Travel fees will apply for more miles or longer length of drive time if he decides to go further than that.

What if we start off with 1 game and then want to do a 2nd game? Can we still get the discount?

The discount only applies to those who commit to it upfront. If you buy one game at a time then you will be paying full price. Committing to two games upfront is the best way to see if progress has been made and to save $50.

What do we do after signing up?

Send Coach Taylor your child's team schedule within 24 hours after signing up

Update Coach Taylor ASAP with any schedule changes, injuries or anticipated missed games

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